ITL Bluetooth Speaker: Small But Smart

bluetooth speakerThe ITL Bluetooth Speaker is a smart option for a person who is constantly on the go. It offers great listening flexibility. It can be used in different rooms of the house, outside, or when a person goes on vacation.

The speakers that are included on small electronic devices are usually poor. Instead of investing in headphones, this speaker is an ideal way to enjoy music or any other form of audible media. For under $35, a person will find this product to be useful, affordable, and top quality.

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Features of the ITL Bluetooth Speaker

The best part of a Bluetooth speaker is that there are no wires to worry about. Connecting devices through wires can be complicated and messy. The unit will amplify sound anywhere. This means that when a person is outside by the pool, in the park, or staying in a hotel room, the sound will be perfect.

This device has a built in 2.1 + EDR wireless module. This means that it will support iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices that utilize Bluetooth function. A person will enjoy hands free talking and great music control. The color LED makes everything easy to view and use.

Positive Aspects of the ITL Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker will provide many positive features to a user. To begin, there is a built in li-lion battery, which will supply over two hours of listening. There is also a support line-in function. For people who want to use the device in a wide open space, the 10 meter transmission distance will be beneficial.

The overall design of this speaker is extremely compact and easy to carry. This unit weighs less than one pound and is less than four inches around. For added convenience, there are accessories included. For example, a person will receive a micro-USB cable, line-in cable, and user manual.

Customer Reviews

Most people who had the opportunity to try this ITL Bluetooth Speaker found it extremely useful. These individuals were impressed with the unit after first glance. The appearance looked modern and stylish with the chrome accents. The audio results were an added bonus.

One user loved how compact the ITL speaker was compared to her larger speaker system. Her bulky system cost a fortune and could not be transported outside of the room. The sound quality of the ITL product was just as good as the more expensive unit.

One consumer connected the speaker to his laptop through the included 3.5 mm cable. Even though the audio system on the computer was good, the ITL speaker made the audio even better. The three watt output was excellent. The best part was the light show that occurred when the room was dark. As the speakers synced to the music, the multicolored light show was a great delight.

Another user explained that the sound quality was excellent. The speaker’s unique design radiated sound very evenly through all directions of the room. Dropouts were only a problem over 30 feet away and through interior walls. The Bluetooth function connected well with her Samsung S4 and her husband’s iPhone 5. The speaker allowed her to control volume and other functions with ease.

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Reasons to Purchase the ITL Speaker

There are many reasons why a person might decide to buy this product from over similar units. This ITL Speaker is stylish and appears to be durable and made of high quality craftsmanship. It delivers excellent sound and takes up little space. The four inch design is convenient for travel. It will be inconspicuous and can be placed anywhere. To keep it from sliding off a table, the bottom is flat and contains a rubber material. This will keep the unit safe from damage.

The battery life is long and can be recharged with the included USB cable. It is also possible to use an AC adapter to charge the battery when a computer is not accessible. Overall, it will provide hours of listening pleasure.

Final Verdict

The ITL Bluetooth speaker is recommended for any busy person who needs a way to listen to music or enjoy audio capability from other electronic devices. It is very inexpensive but does not sacrifice quality. With little effort, its Bluetooth connectivity will keep a person in stride with the latest technology. It will be well worth the investment.

ITL Bluetooth Speaker