ITL LED Hula Hoop

As known to all, a hula hoop is nothing but a toy that is twisted around the waist, neck and limbs. The new hula hoop was designed in the year 1958 by Richard Knerr and Arthur K Spud Melin.

Everyone likes playing with these hoops, be it children or adults all around the world enjoy playing with hoops, rolling, twirling, and throwing. The hoops made for children usually measure 71 centimetres (i.e. 28 inches) in diameter, and the ones for adults are 102 centimetres (i.e. 40 inches) in diameter. The traditional materials used for making hoops were willow, grapevines, stiff grasses and rattan (a strong and flexible vine). But in modern days, hoops are made up of plastic tubing.

Some history on hula hoops

Hooping was initially introduced by the Americans. The American Hoop Dance is a type of storytelling dance which includes incorporating 1-30 hoops as props. These props were used to generate both dynamic and static shapes, which signify various symbols, animals, and other storytelling elements. These dances are usually performed solo dancers with the help of multiple hoops.

In earlier days, it was known as the colourful plastic toy (sometimes it also had water inside the hoop). Even though they have been occurred for thousands of years, they are frequently misunderstood as having been developed in the 1950s.

According to Charles Panati, there was an enthusiasm of using metal and wooden hoops in the 14th-century in England. Panati also states that the name of the toy as “hula” came from Hawaiian dance in 18th century because of the similar hip movements used.

In modern days, many hoopers make their own hoops with polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, high-density polyethylene, or even polypropylene tubing. The polyethylene hoops and polyvinyl chloride hoops are larger and heavier than the other hoops made in the 1950s.

The weight and size of the hoop affects the style of dancing of the hoopers. The heavier and larger hoops are usually used for slow and gentle hooping and body actions, whereas the lighter and thinner hoops are used for fast hand tricks. These hoops are usually covered with fabric or plastic tape in order to reduce the amount of energy you spend in keeping a hoop winding around the dancer, and also to be very colourful. Some of them also use patterned, glow-in-the dark, and even sparkling tape, and some others are fashioned with clear tubing packed with glitter, plastic balls, or even water, in order to create visual and audio effects when made use of. LED technology has been introduced in the recent years, letting hoops to light with the flick of one switch. Programmable hoops are also available which offer a wide range of special effects.

Modern hooping has formed many tricks. Hooping now comprises of several ‘on body’ moves and several ‘off body’ moves. A few instances include isolations, breaks, leg hooping, and also double hooping.

Hooping now has become one of the popular fitness activities, with classes in many cities and towns all around the world.

A recent advancement in hooping is fire hooping, in which spindles are fixed outside of the hoop and rolled with Kevlar wicks, which are soaked in fuel and lit on fire. There are some companies which produce portable hula hoops for easy transportation and adaptability.

LED-hula-hoopITL Retailer is one such company which produces LED Hula Hoop. The diameter of our hoop is 36 inches and is available with 24 colour changing LEDs in the hoop. It is easy to take it with you everywhere. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble and has six removable snap switch connectors for easy storing. You can order this hop with full confidence! If you buy the ITL Hula Hoop on Amazon then it comes with the guarantee that your full amount will be refunded back without any questions, if you do not like it.

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24 colors LED hula hoopWell! The benefits are associated with health and also added with fun. Now, you must be wondering that the cost of this toy must be really expensive. Though this toy has all such features, the cost of this toy is not too high. Along with fun, it also helps in exercises. The consumers can also make use of this for dancing. So, it has a whole package of benefits.
People have pain in various parts of body. This pain usually occurs in the joints. To cure this pain, you need to consult the doctor and go on medication. The process of curing is time-oriented. Other than that, these medicines sometimes may have side-effects. But, once you make use of ITL LED hoops, they not only save your money, but also make you feel as though you are playing with a toy. Your kids are entertained by your workout as well.

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