ITL LED Reflective Safety Vest

LED Light Reflective Safety Vest and 2 LED Slap-On Wristbands. High Visibility Gear for Running, Cycling, Walking, Jogging and Biking for Men and Women

LED Reflective Safety VestSafety is the first priority, no matter what we’re doing. We need safety equipments whenever we’re doing some fieldwork or industrial or mechanical work. These safety equipments can rescue our lives by protecting ourselves or alerting someone. When you’re running or riding on the roads, it becomes extremely essential to wear reflectors, so that other drivers can easily find you, and prevent the accidents. But sometimes, reflectors are not that efficient, when it comes to late night, or early morning. For these kinds of situations, we have LED light reflective safety vest and wrist bands. They’re very helpful for joggers and bicycle riders, and fit both men and women. The design is minimalist, but works like a charm.

Key features

  • Ultra High Visibility Vest: The traditional orange vest, for alertness has fiber optics for light transmission. The vest comes with two LED wristbands with 5 bright LED running lights, to increase visibility during late night, or early morning workouts. You can easily be seen by vehicles’ drivers. If you’re worried about your children, then it is perfect partner for their longer play hours. The lights have high visibility, ensuring safety.
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable: the LED Safety Vest weighs only 0.3 pounds, which means, you won’t feel any kind of burden on your shoulder, neither any problem in posture of running, jogging and bicycling.
  • Three Modes of working: You can switch from one to other by the touch of the button. The modes are: bright steady light and slow or fast flashing. Steady light gives continuous alertness, where as flashing is for high level of alertness. So, the vest gives greater level of security and safety to the wearer than traditional reflective type vests.
  • Unisex Size: these ITL LED Reflective vests are extremely comfortable and fit everybody. They’re unisex, both men and women can wear it, without any size. The vests completely fit body, and doesn’t get loosen up upon any kind of motion. No matter you use it over a t-shirt or a jacket. The ITL LED Slap-On Wristband has a dimension of 1 1/2″ x 13 1/2″. It can easily be worn on the wrist, ankle or arm of adults or children.
  • Replaceable Battery: The High Visibility Running Vest has four CR2032 3V and wristband has two CR2016 3V lithium coin batteries, which can be replaced in case of failure.

ITL LED High Visibility Vest Review

LED running gearLED Light Reflective Safety Vest is one of those safety equipments, which not only alert the public around you, but also, makes yourself comfortable in free walking, jogging and riding. You can have peace of mind when you pick up and wear that vest, because, visibility is guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it easily, in 60 days, without any questions asked, but i can assure you, that’s not going to happen. The vest also has 1 year overall warranty against manufacturing defects.

I have personally checked it on myself and free walk for an hour, and found that the modes are extremely helpful, when you’re in extra dark place, you can switch to bright continuous light, while running, simple flashing can do the job, and save the batteries.

I am impressed by the quality materials they have used to make the vest, plus the craftsmanship they have put on the product. The stitching is done so well, that you’re going to love the fitting. The wristbands are extremely comfortable to wear and use. You can use them on arms and legs, but if you choose to use on biceps, please see the dimensions i mentioned above, because, you may feel them to be tight, if your biceps are strong.

If we talk about working, i would say that, this is among the best LED vest available in the market. The visibility of the vest is extremely high, so you can free mind wear it, without taking tension of your safety. I ran for 20 minutes, and found no problem in the fitting of the vest. You can freely move the body while wearing it, even wristbands, as they’re not heavy and tight. You can wear them on any kind of garment, be it a simple t-shirt, or a jacket. With adjustable waist strap, putting and fitting it to body is easy. The modes of working are absolutely helpful, while you’re on the road. Continuous lighting is good, but takes up your battery; flashing is really nice, and level of alertness increases with it. I would recommend flashing the vest, while running, because it can be observed from far.

You can replace batteries when they’re fully discharged, or you can replace them with researchable ones, because, buying new once in a while is pretty expensive, buy rechargeable ones, and charge them using a charger.

LED running vest and armbandsWhen you’re cycling, few vests don’t go with the motion, and irritate, which could lessen the fun, but not in the case of this vest. Though wrist bands while cycling can be avoided, you can strap them on the handle, for better visibility, and free movements of hands. This vest can be your partner for workout, even giving any hint for its existence, it is that lightweight. The vest weighs about 0.3 pounds, or 4.8 ounce, which is negligible. Wristbands are also lightweight and compatible with every kinds of hand, no matter if it’s a child or an adult.

Overall, going for pros, I would say that the LED vest does its job remarkably well, and leaves no room for any kind of problem. Though, replacing batteries can be hectic, but if you install them from the buyer (of the batteries), or correctly at home, you’re ready to go. Besides this, I don’t see any other problem. This vest has every reason to buy. I would recommend it to every person who has a thing for safety, without costing much, and altering the fun of free motion.

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